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Sudoku X 9x9 (2)
Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, 3x3 box and both diagonals contain the digits 1 through 9.

Dots Sudoku
Place a digit from 1 to 9 into each of the empty squares so that each digit appears exactly once in each of the rows, columns and the nine outlined 3x3 regions.
If absolute difference between two digits in neighboring cells equals 1, then they are separated by a white dot. If the digit is a half of digit in the neighboring cell, then they are separated by black dot. The dot between 1 and 2 can be either white or black.

Flower Sudoku
Flower Sudoku has five sudoku puzzles in layout, similar to Samurai Sudoku. However, these puzzles overlap each other much more than in Samurai. The center grid is fully covered by the remaining four sub-puzzles.

Twin Corresponding Sudoku
Twin Corresponding Sudoku consists of a pair of standard sudoku puzzles each with some starting digits. To get a complete solution for the twin puzzles, it is necessary to solve each twin puzzle, but the complete solution of the twin puzzles will be obtained by substituting the corresponding values of the digits from one twin sudoku into the other.
For example, in row 2 column 1, in twin 1 (sudoku no.1) contains the number 9 and twin 2 (sudoku no.2) contains the number 8. This means that wherever 9 appears in twin 1 , it should be substituted by 8 in the corresponding position in twin 2 and wherever there is a 8 in twin 2 there is a 9 in twin 1. This immediately gives you some more starting digits in each twin.

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